Customized missions

As a specialist in higher education and training, PAXTER® only carries out specific, customized missions.

Based on initial discussions with potential clients, PAXTER® designs a proposal which is progressively refined until both parties reach an agreement, or until the project is abandoned. 

Depending on whether it is training of trainers, pedagogical design for universities, accompanying the accreditation process of major business schools, up to the institutional strategy in the broadest sense, the missions can range from a few days to co-design over several years, which generally includes successive phases.

The members of PAXTER® can offer professional support in French, English or Spanish.

PAXTER®'s partners can work in several other languages. Projects can involve any region of the planet. Originally founded in France, PAXTER® is also active in Asia via its offices in Singapore.

To build your project, our mission is to help you :

  • Identify the challenges
  • Identify the critical points to overcome them
  • Identify risks
  • Foresee the consequences of the orientations envisaged
  • Spot the elements of agreement and disagreement
  • Catalyse an all-inclusive project management process
  • Offer sustainable solutions