Training and Corporate Social Responsibility


[2]  & United Nations global compact :


Issue: why to integrate education and training into your CSR strategy?

In September 2015, the United Nations formalized the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved in 2030, both in industrialized and developing countries. These SDGs require the mobilization of governments, companies and civil society to eradicate poverty and expand opportunities for all. Ban Ki-moon, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, emphasized that "business is an essential partner for the success of the Sustainable Development Goals »  All companies, regardless of their size, are thus called on to promote sustainable development through their investments, which will play a major role in the success of the SDGs.

The covered themes are very broad (health, education, urban planning, creation of infrastructures, etc.). All of them are investment opportunities to reach the intended targets. SDGCompass[1] stresses that the orientation of a CSR strategy towards achieving the SDGs is all the more relevant since it enables the company to:

  • identify future market opportunities at the crossroads between public and private investments;
  • increase the value of CSR through sustainability;
  • strengthen relations with stakeholders by reducing regulatory and reputational risks;
  • stabilize markets and companies by improving the business environment;
  • use a common language and shared objectives.

The Sustainable Development Goal #4 relates to education: "ensuring quality education for all, on an equal footing and promoting lifelong learning opportunities". The profitability of investments in favor of SDG#4 has been analyzed by the UN[2] : they enable the construction of sustainable societies, risk-prevention through improved education, the promotion of economic growth, the strengthening of the local workforce and the expansion of market opportunities and increased wages. 

PAXTER® supports your company in the designing or updating of their CSR strategy. On the basis of a co-construction approach, the contribution to the achievement of SDG#4 can appear to be a relevant orientation for the CSR strategy. In this specific case, we are here to accompany you in the identification of quality projects as well as in the creation of new programs.