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NEXT15years Expert Online Data System:
PAXTER® NEXT15years is a unique online tool in the world of higher education, it has no equivalent. It has been designed as a decision-making tool for all actors of education, training, integration and economic development. It gives you access to regularly updated analysis and projections covering 66 countries that represent 90% of the world’s student population for the next 15 years.
 Thanks to its dynamic design and the regular updates of both the data and the formulas, PAXTER® NEXT15years will keep your projections precise and up-to-date.

  • Where to invest and how? In which countries will the most dynamic pools of students be located in the next 15 years?

  • How to create an educational and training provision suited to the needs of the economic and demographic development of a specific country or region of the world?

  • Academically, in which countries to find the best partners (schools or companies) for a sustainable and qualitative growth of the educational and training provision?
  • In addition to PAXTER®'s analysis, the tool allows you to make your own projections by inserting your own data and assumptions into the matrix : GDP, demography… You can also make your own geographical comparisons between specific countries or compare several geographical areas.

Written in cooperation between all PAXTER® team members and external authors chosen for their expertise, our blog will allow you to read specific analysis articles on subjects that we thought important to deepen for you: economic development, innovation, study reports, ... You can access the entire blog for free.

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Today, Africa is the youngest continent in the world. The challenge of employment and the possibility to provide young people with real opportunities require major reforms of the African education systems. Let's exchange over local successes, innovative and constructive initiatives, share experiences, visions and discoveries about this fast-changing region of the world.