Philosophy and methods

The internal coherence of projects in terms of their strategy, human resources, financial resources and governance, are scrutinized through the perspective of the best possible interests of the project´s stakeholders in particular, and of society at large.

Pedagogy, Innovation, Research … The solutions we offer, when implemented correctly, are designed from a long-term perspective – the perspective that needs to be adopted if significant social and educational phenomena are at stake.

Beyond the generic proposals described in this website, PAXTER® has in-depth expertise in specific sectors and themes.

Business ethics, sustainable development, social responsibility, epistemology, cohesion of actors and learner behaviors are subjects on which we give special emphasis.

Beyond the academic universe, significant part of the consultancy activities developed by PAXTER® focus on the sectors of agriculture, agrifood, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as luxury industries, specialized professional services and family-owned companies.