Examples of missions we achieved

At Paxter, we believe that there are no small clients, and all questions are relevant. We analyze your context, needs, and prospects, and we strive to deliver specific, strategic and sustainable answers. We design integrated, sustainable and tailored solutions, which are built on the development of human, technical and professional skills.

This is just a brief overview of what we have already accomplished, classified by major themes, as well as the testimonials that our clients have kindly sent us.

Support in the definition of a five-year strategic plan for graduate School of Engineering. Process Design and supervision, key steps facilitation

"The method adopted took into account the context and history of the School, while offering moments of openness, contributions of great wealth that enabled internal actors to gain perspective. An approach which was unsettling at times, but always with the necessary empathy to enable the members of staff, partners and students involved in the strategic exercise to project themselves into a profound strategic reflection. Paxter’s consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the higher education sector at a national and international level, and know how to establish a relationship of trust with the teams. The follow-up, the different stages of the project and the overall structure of the consultancy services were clear to all, and helped participants to project themselves within a 10-month approach involving over 300 people."

Pascal Ray, Dean and President, Ecole Supérieure des Mines Saint-Etienne (FRANCE)


Analysis and development of a partnership strategy for a graduate school of Engineering

"Dear Pierre,
I would like to thank you for your excellent work in guiding us in the drafting of the EISTI partnership strategy. The entire management team of our institution emphasized their satisfaction in working with you and your team. We took full advantage of your experience and your professionalism. This work resulted in the drafting of a comprehensive and immediately usable document.
Yours faithfully,"

Nesim Fintz, Professor and Dean of EISTI (FRANCE)


Strategic guidance for a group of Graduate Schools of Engineering

"As part of its statutory evolution and the revision of its strategy, the Mines-Télécom Institute sought the Paxter’s expertise to create a group dynamic involving all its member schools and define the axes for developing its activities. By encouraging us to take a step back and analyze opportunities in an academic context marked by globalization and competition, by highlighting our strengths and assets, Paxter's support enabled us to define our ambitions in a way designed to match up to the educational and scientific challenges facing higher education and research today."

Philippe JAMET, President, l’Institut Mines-Télécom (FRANCE)


Strategic development of a Foundation for higher education and Research

"The assistance provided by Paxter to the management team of the Saint-Cyr Foundation in the construction of the 2018-2023 strategic development plan was remarkable in all respects: Paxter managed to take account of the history and the specific environment of the operational segment of the Saint-Cyr Foundation. The experts from this firm were particularly effective in revealing all the opportunities that could be seized. Through an extremely gradual and didactic approach, they enabled the management team of the Saint-Cyr Foundation to draw up an ambitious development plan, which was approved unanimously by the Board of Directors and by the teams specialized in law and corporate finance within the founding members of the Foundation. This sterling work, carried out against a tight deadline and in very close collaboration with its client, bears witness to Paxter’s extremely high level of expertise in the strategic guidance of organizations." 

Steve Gentili, CEO of BRED, Chairman of Fondation Saint-Cyr (FRANCE)


Mission to accelerate the design and implementation process of a new BBA program in Morocco

"As Dean and President of the ISCAE Group, the Higher Institute of Commerce and Business Administration, a public higher education institution in Morocco, I had the pleasure of requesting the services of Paxter in 2016-2017, for a consulting mission to guide us in the design of a new Bachelor program. Thanks to their experience and expertise, together, we developed an original pedagogical offering, that meets both the requirements of international standards and the specificities of the national and continental market, with an emphasis on student empowerment and accountability."

Nada Biaz, Dean and President of ISCAE Group (MOROCCO)


Project to develop an educational offering or institution at the intersection of exact, human and social sciences

"In defining a new, ambitious project at the crossroads of sciences in general, a relevant and innovative project for our school ESPOL, and on a broader level, forour faculties as a whole, Paxter seemed to be the right partner. On each point, Pierre Tapie’s team was able to deliver, by engaging with us in a shared effort to serve the best interest of students in a world in transition. Their knowledge both of the corporate world, and of major societal and techno-scientific transitions, combined with their real-life expertise in higher education and research were an undeniable asset."

Pierre Giorgini, Rector and President, Université catholique de Lille (FRANCE)


Assistance to project management for the creation of a multi-disciplinary campus in Mauritius

"Paxter has truly been instrumental in accompanying the Medine Group along its ambition to position Higher Education at the centre of Uniciti, our Smart City located on the West coast of Mauritius. Leveraging on Paxter’s in-depth expertise, network and solid track records in the field of Higher Education, we have accompanied prestigious French institutions rallied since 2015 under the project ICSIA (International Campus for Sustainable and Innovative Africa), to settle in Mauritius to deliver selective programs to Mauritian and African students."

Thierry Sauzier, CEO of Medine Group (MAURITIUS)


Project to establish a Health School and a Faculty of Medicine in Africa

"As part of a project to set up a Health School and a Faculty of Medicine in Mauritius in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine Paris Descartes, we are currently working with Paxter and its facilitator, Pierre Tapie. Paxter’s assistance has been - and still is - extremely valuable: dynamic, precise, professional, with attention to detail and a great sense of balance, in a friendly relationship; for all of this we have nothing but praise."

Professor Gérard Friedlander, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University Paris-Descartes (FRANCE)


Legal analysis of the consequences of new legislation and definition of corresponding strategy

"Paxter helped FESIC refine its legal analysis of the consequences of the Law on Higher Education and Research (Fioraso, 2013) for its member institutions. Thanks to their extensive experience and in-depth understanding of academic law, Paxter's teams helped in the design of proposals for the government, in particular in terms of texts for the legislation on implementing the Law."

Jean-Philippe Ammeux, Dean of IESEG, Chairman of FESIC (FRANCE)


Consulting mission to remodel governance and by-laws

"I worked with PAXTER® in 2014 in the context of the evolution of the by-laws of the Rennes School of Business of which I was the Dean Thanks to the expertise of this firm, we were able to implement this evolution under the best possible conditions. Their deep understanding of the higher education sector was an indisputable factor in successfully building a new governance model adapted to the specific needs of a Business School. Paxter’s ability to listen and analyze our needs as well as understanding the context of the mission were undoubtedly the keys to this success."

 Olivier APTEL, Dean and President, Rennes School of Business (FRANCE)


Analysis and proposals on governance and conflicts of interest for a Scientific Foundation

"PAXTER® EDUCATION MATTERS assisted the Institut Pasteur in Lille in a project on governance and conflicts of interest carried out in April 2017. The purpose of the project was to evaluate this key strategic aspect carried by our institute’s management, for our private research foundation, which is a government-recognized public interest foundation. The services provided by Paxter satisfied us completely, thanks to the high level of professionalism and the quality of the work accomplished. The resultant report will be extremely useful in the future in the consolidation of the activities of our Institute in the strict ethical framework within which we operate daily."

Patrick Berche, President, of the Fondation Institut Pasteur de Lille (FRANCE)


Lycée Paul Claudel d’Hulst. Development and facilitation of a faculty-management strategic workshop in the context of the merging of two schools

"Paxter, guided the institution in its new educational and pedagogical offering after the merger of two complementary structures. During a day-long workshop with the entire educational, pedagogical and administrative staff, Paxter  was able to identify the major challenges, areas of concern, and opportunities to be seized for this new institution. To close the day, a high-level conference was offered on the major economic and demographic developments in the next 15 years in the field of higher education throughout the world, which was highly appreciated by all. Paxter offered services of the highest quality, and provided guidance and respectful support throughout the project. Paxter was able to analyze our needs and meet our expectations."

Aurélien Régnier, Principal, Lycée Paul Claudel d’Hulst (FRANCE)


Guidance for the merger of financial companies

"We relied on Paxter's expertise for the merger of three financial companies to define the governance principles of the merged company as well as the remuneration packages of its executives. Through their ability to listen, to foster an environment of trust for all stakeholders, and the ability to invent very specific solutions, Paxter’s team successfully concluded this mission of institutional facilitation in one month. They did this by navigating sensitive negotiations, dealing with both human and financial issues, and by proposing arrangements which aligned the interests of all stakeholders."

Olivier Stéphanopoli, Deputy CEO, HPC Group