Who we are

PAXTER® is an international service and consulting company specialized in academic affairs, in the broadest sense of the word. It helps universities, schools, governments and companies fine tune their projects and improve their efficiency in all aspects pertaining to higher education and institutional culture.

PAXTER® is the fruit of the coming together of the exponential development of higher education provision worldwide, and the experience of two individuals, one a former President of several French higher education institutions and an actor of a large number of academic circles over the last 25 years, and the other with a uniquely rich multidisciplinary background and experience.

PAXTER® is incorporated both in Paris (PAXTER® SAS) and in Singapore (PAXTER® Asia Pte Ltd).

Our mission : 
Assisting public and private institutions, governments and companies in the development of their education and research strategies.

Our vision : 
Improving the quality of education, research and innovation requires to design integrated solutions which will create sustainable ecosystems aimed at the development of human, technical and professional skills.